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Professional Artist

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Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston loves England and it's countryside as living in a Village with a loads of Kelvin Grove friends and going out as usual likes taking trips to the shop every week, and going tom the cafe before the movies he also like's Doctor Who, and Dad's Army, and Harry Potter, Tomb Raider with Lara Croft in the movie, likes going to Cineworld every week and taking time out with his work as and Professional Artist, likes his Hymn Book Writing, did you know he also complete his New Testament Writing Project in the 2010's.



Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston also been to Scotland in the 1990's in the early years before he came to be online in the 2000's, has been to Edinburgh festival in the 1990's before coming to Kelvin Grove in the 2010's, has seen loads of ships and loads of shops, let's hope he will find a time to see some pop artist like B* witched from Ireland, in the 1990's he went to London and seen B* witched live on stage singing the last time he saw them was in the Mid 1990's, let hope that they remember who Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston is and if they seen him in the 1990's at there show, let hope they can think that way back then.

Professional Artist (1)Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston likes Scotland hillside, he like Highland in Scotland also did you know he likes Highlander the movie, and Highlander the TV Series in the early 1980's and the 1990's, he has come a long way since then before he became and Professional Artist in 2000's with his Music online,

Professional Artist (2) Let's hope he can go to Scotland one day to see the Edinburgh Castle, on the hillside and look at the sea and the ships on top of the Castle, he did made loads of friends when he was in Scotland in the 1980's let hope he can go to Scotland again in the near future, and make more Music online and offline.


Professional Artist (3)Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston hasn't been to Wales yet and also he hasn't had a day trip there yet, just been busy in Europe working on his Hymn Book Writing project's since the end of 2010's and looking forward in making more music for his Music profile online, let's hope he can keep up on his updates about his music on this official site of Houston Production Music - Israel 24 Seven,

Professional Artist (4) Hope you will join his Artist Gallery and Artist Forum, why not check out his Professional Artist Blog online the Guest Book failed online so it's now a Official Artist Blog where he post updates about what he's has been upto.

Professional Artist (5)Professional Artist Mr William Paul Houston like to go to a Church in Wales for the Lord's Supper of Bread and Wine in the Holy Eurcharist and like to make some new Church friends in Wales to joined his Official Artist Forum online and speak to him let's hope in the near future he can visited Wales and go to and Holy Eurcharist Church

Professional Artist (6) For the Lord's Supper there and meet loads of new friends from Wales hope he can go there one day let's hope the Kelvin Grove people will let him go to Wales in the near future for a day trip and speak to them about his Music and New Testament Project which was Complete in the late 2010's.

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