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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Dear Fan's

I like to write to you about (7th Seals Web Mastering) it might be (Holy Sabbath Day) for the (Lord's Supper of Bread and Wine) I been to my (Holy Lord's Supper of Bread Church Today), so I seen my (Church Friends) today, since a long time and also I made it safe back home I (Travel) back (Home), so this morning I done some (Web Mastering) on my (Website) and it's look's a bit better now I am going to take my time and take it easy on my (Houston Official Updates) web page, so I will keep (Updating) it (Every Week) or (Every Month) depend's what (Material) I am going to use on my (Official Site) so that's it for the mean time, (I am sending you all my Blessing's and Lot's of Love) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Professional Artist

William Paul Houston

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