Israel 24/7 19Years On

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Dear Fan's

I like to write to you about (Israel 24/7 19Years On), I will be looking forward to next year, when it will be (20 Years) since (Houston Production Music) and (Israel 24/7) has been online since (20 Years), now we are all living in the (21ST Century) we are into the (Future). With Technology, and now we all have our gifts, into Technology at home or at work, now we are seeing what the (Future) is holding for us now, so I have kept myself very busy at home, and (Travel) for (Food) and (Water), and (Sleep) well and (Eat) well, so I hope that everyone at (Home) and (Looking After themselves) so I like to say to all my (Online Fan's) is to (Eat Healthy) and (Drink Healthy Mineral Water), and take good care of yourselves, in the meantime have and (Blessed January 2021AD), with (All my Blessing's and Lot's of Love) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Professional Artist

William Paul Houston

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