Spring Holiday 31.05.2021AD

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Dear Fan's

I like to write to you about (Spring Holiday 31.05.2021AD) and also I hope you enjoy the first one in (May 2021AD), time fly when you are very busy, so I am going to keep working every day online, as and (Professional Artist) and (Bible Writer) and (Hymn Writer), so hope you all are enjoying (May 2021AD), so I will also be also going to (Church on Sunday Morning for the Lord's Supper of Bread and Wine), in the next couple of week's and looking after myself, and also to see all my (Church's Friends on Sunday Morning), and see how they are getting on at the weekend, and also I like to also light a candle for my (Church Friend's on Sunday Morning), so I will be coming back to Church again in the Summer 2021AD, so I hope that everyone is fine at home or at work, make sure you look after yourself's at home and at work, I like speaking to you online also, (I am wishing you, blessing you, have and blessed May 2021AD, with all my blessing's and lot's of Lovexoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Professional Artist

William Paul Houston

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