Valentines Day 14.02.2021AD

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Dear Fan's

I like to write to you about (Valentine's Day 14.02.2021AD), hope that you all have and great day on (Valentine's Day 2021AD), so I will be doing more (Bible Writing), and keeping myself very busy also, I hope you all will have and great and Blessed February 2021AD, so have fun on that day, and keep safe, I am looking forward to (Holy Easter 2021AD) this year, so I hope you will also, let's hope that my (Church) will be open before (Easter 2021AD), so make sure you look after all your friends and families and take care, in the meantime (Have and Blessed Valentine's Day February 2021AD), (With all my Blessing's and Lot's of Love) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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William Paul Houston


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